July 10, 1919 in the sky: Jean Navarre is killed in the plane

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Aviation History – July 10, 1919. On this Tuesday, July 10, 1919, the French aviation deplores the death of one of its illustrious representatives in the person of Jean Navarre, at the age of only 23! The latter, known as an “Ace” of the First World War with 12 certified and 15 uncertified aerial victories to his credit, was the victim of a plane crash during training.

After some aerial acrobatics, on July 10, 1919, the pilot began his landing, executing a gliding flight with the propeller of his aircraft stalled. Unfortunately, wanting to avoid a hangar, he will end his race with a crash. Indeed, he did not succeed in his maneuver because of too low speed.

Very talented aviator, despite some bad demons that could harm him, the man sometimes consuming alcohol excessively, his death is an indisputable loss for the French aviation. His years of service in the army having been crowned with success, before a descent into hell, the war having been traumatic for him, with the loss of his brother.

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