July 1, 1927 in the sky: The “America” lands in the middle of the night

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Aviation History – July 1, 1927. On this Friday 1er July 1927, the crew of the aircraft called “America”, which was trying to carry out a transatlantic raid by air, had to decide to land in the middle of the night, when they initially hoped to reach the city of Paris. A maneuver that he will carry out at 2:30 am, thus placing their monoplane type aircraft powered by three F.VII-3m Fokker engines in the sea bordering Normandy.

The pilot Bert Acosta, the captain Richard Byrd, the operator Georges Noville and the navigator Bernard Balten had no choice but to land in these circumstances and for good reason, their fuel reserve is low and moreover, they got lost. Therefore, it was impossible to continue their flight which ended at Ver-sur-Mer.

A premature end to their trip which Mr. Wanemaker had financed. The four men who had taken off from New York on June 29, 1927, saw their journey disrupted from Newfoundland, because of the fog. The weather greatly complicating their flight which was not easy.

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