Journeys for divorced women, a mirror of the changing times…

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The trend of solo travel mirrors the changing times, the result of the steady increase in one-person families. Singles looking for a soul mate, married women tired of waiting for their lazy husbands, people over 65 curious to discover new destinations, but also young people looking for adventure. Solo travelers are a cross-sectional audience, a constantly growing market niche…

Solo travelers are therefore more and more numerous and are increasingly choosing more distant destinations – offered by specialized agencies – in search of exoticism. One of the biggest trends that tour operators have noticed is that in the solo travel segment, it is women who most often decide to travel alone.

New Trend: Travel for Divorcing Women

Travel for divorcing women is on the rise. Among women in their mid-50s who are going through major life changes, such as divorce, who seek the company of other divorced women to hang out and travel with.

In the United States, agencies corroborate that they see a jump in this market and say that American travelers are becoming more and more adventurous by leaving for destinations such as Antarctica or Kenya. Likewise, tour operators are beginning to prepare packages for female and solo travel to destinations such as Spain, Japan, Costa Rica, Egypt, Australia or Morocco.

Among the most innovative trips on the market are expeditions and treks for women in Pakistan and Nepal, to allow each of the clients to see daily life in these destinations through the eyes of the local women who ensure the reception.

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