Jordan: without Biden, what is the future of the peace treaty with Israel?

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Jordan canceled a summit it was to organize today in Amman with US President Joe Biden and Egyptian and Palestinian leaders to discuss the situation in Gaza, according to statements by Ayman Safadi, Jordanian Foreign Minister.

Biden is making a whirlwind trip to Israel, and was then scheduled to travel to Jordan to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Jordan’s King Abdullah reportedly hosted the four-way summit, whose agenda was the need to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and ease the conflict with Israel.

Jordanians would support the Palestinian cause

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered last night near the Israeli embassy in Amman. Some are criticizing Israel and President Biden following the Gaza hospital strike.

The peace treaty between Jordan and Israel is very unpopular among many citizens who view normalization as a betrayal of the rights of their Palestinian brothers.

According to a protester in Amman: “He should not come here to Jordan. The American embassy is not welcome here because it supports Israel.” Another protester reportedly added: “We support the Palestinians and Hamas.” He said he was born in Jordan with ancestors from Hebron in the West Bank.

The Israeli army said Tuesday evening that it was not behind the explosion occurred in the area of ​​a hospital in the Gaza Strip. According to Hamas health authorities, the rocket caused hundreds of deaths.

The explosion was initially reported to have taken place at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital itself, but footage showed that it appeared to have occurred in the hospital parking lot; none of the surrounding buildings suffered significant damage.

The Palestinians and much of the Arab world blamed Israel, saying it hit the medical facility and hundreds of people were killed. Jerusalem was quickly condemned by Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others.

The map released by the Israeli army

Gaza hospital reportedly hit by Islamic jihad rocket, Israel tweet says

“This ability of the Palestinians to invade 30 Jewish communities, massacre 1,400 Israelis, kidnap more than 200, fire 7,000 rockets at Israeli civilians and continue to play victim is astonishing. The willingness of some people around the world to accept the lies of #HamasISIS is disappointing, but not necessarily surprising.”

In any case, this will not help tourism in Jordan, nor in the surrounding countries.

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