Jordan wants to reassure travelers

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After a beautiful presentation at the IFTM Top Résa show where Jordan was the country in the spotlight, horror came knocking at the doors of the Hashemite kingdom. This is why Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), wants to send a reassuring message.

It seems obvious that many travelers will want to change their plans to the Middle East. Nobody knows today what the consequences of the attacks by Hamas terrorists will be, especially in view of the strong responses planned by Israel.

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Below is the letter from the Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board

“In light of recent developments in Gaza, we would like to emphasize that Jordan is known to be a safe and welcoming destination for tourists from around the world. Jordan prides itself on its reputation as a safe and hospitable country.

Our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors remains unwavering.

Travelers can have peace of mind as they explore our rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities.

We want to reassure everyone that Jordan’s borders are open to tourists and we look forward to sharing our extraordinary experiences with the world.

Our tourism industry remains resilient and ready to deliver unforgettable trips to those seeking adventure, history and unparalleled hospitality.

We understand that tensions across the world can cause concern, but we believe in the power of travel to foster understanding and build bridges between nations.

We invite travelers to explore the wonders of Jordan, connect with our warm and friendly people, and create lasting memories in a nation where the spirit of hospitality has been a tradition for centuries.

As always, the Jordan Tourism Board is here to help and support tourists to make the most of their stay.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jordan and ensuring your experience is both enriching and safe.”

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