Japan: Kyoto takes measures against overtourism

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Is overtourism the price to pay for the recovery of tourism after the pandemic crisis? The phenomenon, which notoriously affects cities like Venice, Barcelona and Dubrovnik, now seems to affect Japan.

After the country reopened to international tourism, the city of Kyoto recorded a sharp increase in arrivals and the mayor decided to act, thinking of a set of measures to redistribute flows and facilitate coexistence between residents and visitors.

Among the regulatory interventions, the strengthening of the Rakuraru railway line which connects Kyoto station to sites of interest and the replacement of the daily pass for buses with an extended pass for the metro, to promote the dispersion and redistribution of flow ; the creation of a luggage locker to allow tourists to move more freely.

And also an information brochure with information on the most congested sites as well as video campaigns on station and metro screens in collaboration with JNTO, the Japanese national tourism office, to inform tourists about the label to follow on site.

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