Japan Airlines unveils new services on board its Airbus A350-1000

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After revealing the cabin interiors and seats on board its new Airbus A350-1000, Japan Airlines (JAL) announcement menus and services offered on board.

Meal service on board
In First Class and Business Class, the vegan and vegetarian menus will be renewed under the supervision of Japanese chef Fumio Yonezawa, offering dish-style menus that make you smile when tasting. From spring 2024, customers will be able to personalize their meals.

In Premium Economy and Economy, an optional menu (paid service) with a variety of culinary choices will be available. The vegan and vegetarian menu will be renewed to offer additional choices that will delight a more diverse clientele. The collaboration with the best chefs of the RED U-35 competition will continue, focusing on the incorporation of environmentally friendly ingredients โ€œ The Future 50 Foods ยป (sustainable ingredients as advocated by Unilever and the World Wide Fund for Nature, taking into account factors such as safety and nutritional value) and prioritizing nutritional value. โ€œThe aim is to offer a healthy meal on board that satisfies both body and mindโ€œ, underlines JAL.

On-board amenities
In First Class and Business Class, a loungewear loan service will be introduced. This tracksuit is developed jointly with the Uchino company, using premium 100% cotton Airy Touch material.

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An amenity kit will be provided, its cover featuring works by contracted artists from experimental wellness company Heralbony. As part of the celebration of the A350-1000 maiden flight, a JAL-exclusive Misoka bamboo toothbrush, which can be used only with water, will be offered for a limited time.

Japan Airlines unveils new services on board its Airbus A350-1000 3 Airlines and Destinations

Finally, Italian-Japanese design firm Nendo will oversee the design of new tableware for on-board meals, scheduled for gradual introduction from spring 2024. Efforts have been made to reduce the use of products plastics, with a transition from disposable containers and lids to materials such as paper or 100% recycled plastic. To further strengthen these initiatives, 100% plant-based materials will be adopted for reusable tableware and for bags used to package cutlery.

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