Japan Airlines offers to rent clothes on arrival to travel lighter

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Japan Airliness launches Any Wear, Anywhere », a service of clothing rental for the travelers to Japan.

According to the Japanese national airline, this service eliminates the need to travel to Japan with a large and heavy suitcase, and therefore reduces thecarbon footprint by participating in the aircraft weight reduction. ” Any Wear, Anywhere can reduce aircraft fuel and CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of cargo carried. Additionally, our service can extend the life of clothing by using clothing destined for disposal as rental items. “, she explains.

To benefit from it, the passenger must register on the site dedicated to “ Any Wear, Anywhere » at least one month in advance. Japan Airlines then takes care of sending the clothes to the hotel or other address for a price between 4,000 and 7,000 yen (25 and 44 euros) per passenger, for a rental of a maximum duration of two weeks. “ A 10kg reduction in an in-flight passenger’s baggage results in an estimated 7.5kg reduction in carbon dioxide emissions », Estimates the Japanese airline, which wants « promote more sustainable tourism “. Data will be collected during an experimental period to verify that the luggage of travelers benefiting from this service does indeed reduce in weight.

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