Items prohibited in hand luggage? In Warsaw, we send them back to you!

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Warsaw Chopin Airport is innovating. Travelers who need to dispose of their prohibited items from carry-on baggage can now have them sent home by post, with the option of sending the package directly from baggage control.

This is the first solution of its kind in Europe and shipping is only possible to Poland from the private company InPost.

New service requires purchase from Fast Track Security; the object must then be presented to a security agent who must allow it to be sent and accompany the traveler to the post office. The item can then be packaged and placed in the post office locker.

Frankfurt also offers a similar service… France always late!

At some airports, such as Frankfurt, travelers can store their personal belongings at the airport for a fee and return them upon their return.

Every year, tons of items that cannot be taken on the plane in hand luggage have to be destroyed at airports. The list ranges from cosmetic products like creams or shampoos to sharp objects like knives or scissors. The majority of travelers choose to throw away their items.

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