Italy tightens tourism rules

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Italy is a very popular travel destination, especially in summer. This year it will be necessary to prepare for some changes, according to information published in the national daily Corriere della Serabecause our neighbors have taken measures to counter the massive influx of tourists and the consequent inconvenience.

Venice and Florence say basta!

In the cities of Venice and Florence, the authorities are struggling with a growing tourist influx. In Venice, day tourists will have to pay between three and ten euros for entry and buy a ticket, depending on capacity. If the city is full, they must turn back.

Florence passed a law regulating vacation rentals to protect the historic city center and its residents.

Sardinia restricts access to certain beaches…

In Sardinia, access to some beaches is limited. Tourists must reserve a place in advance via an app for around six euros. On the white sand beaches of Asinara, you are not allowed to spread a bath towel, only mats to protect nature.

Small islands prohibit cars and motorbikes to tourists…

Some small islands like Procida (near Capri) and del Giglio (on the Tuscan archipelago), overrun with tourists during the summer months, have imposed a strict ban on boarding motorbikes and cars coming from outside of the own region. Tourists must also pay an entrance fee to enter these islands.

And also the big ones…

Sicily has even tabled a motion to ban non-resident cars and motorbikes for 40 days between late July and early September.

South Tyrol and Trentino regulate mountain tourism…

In mountainous regions such as South Tyrol and Trentino, tourist arrivals around the lake and at the Pragser Wildsee are controlled and limited. There are plans to limit car traffic and promote sustainable tourism in the area.

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