Italy: “The accusations brought by the Milan public prosecutor’s office against Airbnb are serious”

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In the title we quote the words of Vittorio Messina, president of the National Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs in Italy. Italian tax authorities are reportedly set to seize 779 million euros from Airbnb due to possible non-payment of taxes owed by owners using the platform. Some European countries are starting to monitor more or less laxly short-term rentals which are legion on our continent. In the United States, New York City has severely regulated short-term rental housing. Paris still remains very lax and prevents residents from finding cheap housing.

Owners would not have paid taxes between 2017 and 2021

Airbnb’s European arm is said to have generated around €3.7 billion in rental income in Italy during this period, of which 21% was owed in the form of taxes, according to the statement. He is not.

Airbnb had argued in a European Union court that the tax on short-term rentals, introduced in 2017, was not legal under Union regulations, but lost its case in December. ‘last year. In the meantime, the company has allegedly not taken action to pay these back taxes.

Airbnb Ireland reportedly in discussions with Italian tax officials

An Airbnb spokesperson was quoted as saying: “Airbnb Ireland has been in discussions with tax officials in Italy since June 2023 to resolve this matter. We are surprised and disappointed by the action announced this week by the Italian public prosecutor. We are satisfied that we have acted in full compliance with the law and intend to exercise our rights regarding this matter.

Airbnb will try to appeal… but it is a political position

The move comes as Giorgia Meloni’s government seeks to combat rampant tax evasion in the country and increase the tax rate on short-term rentals from 21% to 26%.

New rules will apply in Italy

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said last week that new rental rules would soon be introduced to crack down on people who fail to declare revenue from their short-term rentals. He said the move could increase Italian tax revenues by a billion euros a year.

It is time for stricter measures to be introduced in France and particularly in large cities. Illegal vacation rentals are still numerous.

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