Italy: Ryanair opposes air ticket price caps

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Ryanair strongly opposes the project of the government of Rome of cap airfare prices to certain destinations, announcing a appeal to the European Commission.

On Monday, the government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced that it wanted to limit the price of tickets to Sardinia and Sicily “during periods of peak demand“, that is to say essentially during the summer, at a maximum of “200% of the average ticket priceover the year.

Leading airline in Italy with 56 million travelers departing and arriving from the peninsula, Ryanair “is based on a fundamental principle: increase the seats available on planes in order to keep prices low“, assured Eddie Wilson, the CEO of the Irish low cost: “By linking our summer prices to the average price of each flight”, the Italian government “encourages us to reduce the number of our flights“.

Fewer flights and fewer seats will drive prices up, not down“, he added. “You know where they exult after this decision? In Malta, Cyprus and the Canary Islands, they know that we will have more thefts at home, rather than remaining prisoners in Italy“, he assured, announcing an appeal to the European Commission to protect the free competition of air transport in Italy.

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