“Italy, open to wonder”: the new international campaign of the Ministry of Tourism and Enit

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It is Botticelli’s Venus, transformed into a virtual influencer, the protagonist of the new promotional campaign of Enit and the Italian Ministry of Tourism for 2023.

Conceived by the Armando Testa advertising agency, the campaign revolves around a spot dominated by the tricolor flag which, like a window, opens onto the country’s excellence and accompanies the chosen slogan “Italia, Open to wonder”.

This campaign will concern both so-called “mature” markets such as the United States for example, and emerging markets such as India and the United Arab Emirates which have enormous potential, but above all with quality tourist flows and of expense. It targets Millennials and Generations X and Z who have a great ability to influence the choices of their parents or who can simply organize experiential holidays in the country.

There will be two versions of the promotional communication, one in summer and one in winter. Countries targeted by this campaign include many European markets including Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic as well as distant markets such as India and China and then partnership agreements with Ita Airways and Trenitalia.

The planned investment is 9 million euros, divided almost equally between a campaign in the most important airport hubs in the world (4 million) and 5 million euros for a more transversal and digital communication, created in order to to intercept younger tourists in an innovative way.

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