Italy: a tragedy on Lake Maggiore

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A tourist boat carrying more than 20 people capsized on Sunday May 28 on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. The boat was carrying both Italian and foreign tourists and sank quickly.

Bad weather would be responsible

The accident was caused by a violent storm which hit the boat head-on. The crew included did not pay attention to the deterioration of the weather conditions. The group of friends, more than 25 in all, had decided to celebrate a birthday

The passengers are Italians, British, Israelis

There were unconfirmed reports in the Italian media that the passengers on the boat were British, Italian and Israeli. All passengers and crew on board reportedly got into the water but many swam ashore or were rescued by other boats.

We deplore 4 victims

The bodies of four victims are recovered by divers from the bottom of Lake Maggiore. This is the result of an accident that occurred during the night when, in the waters off the town of Lisanza, in the province of Varese,

The president of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana, had deplored Sunday evening a “very serious incident” caused by a “whirlwind”.

Lake Maggiore, which lies in the southern Alps, is the second largest lake in Italy and a popular tourist destination.

Meanwhile, many people remembered May 23

A sad anniversary, for May 23, which after many months has become the moment dedicated to the memory of the victims of the cable car accident that occurred in 2021

A cabin of the Stresa Mottarone cable car, after being detached from the cable, had fallen to the ground in one of the highest areas. The fall was devastating. Fourteen people lost their lives in this tragic accident. At the scene of the accident, in addition to the emergency services and the police, the local authorities also arrived, such as the mayors of Stresa and Baveno, helpless in the face of the disaster that had occurred.

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