Italo, Trenitalia’s competitor, will be bought by MSC

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We will have to wait a few more days, but the official announcement should arrive in the second half of September. Barring any last-minute unforeseen circumstances, the private Italian railway company Italian will integrate Gianluigi Aponte’s MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) group, further strengthening an empire made up of ships, port terminals, logistics structures, trains, planes and trucks.

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The American fund Gip wants to reduce its participation

The fund is already a partner of MSC in Til (Terminal Investment Limited). This company, which would be one of the largest in the world, manages MSC’s port terminals. Gip currently holds 72.6% of Italo, 11.5% belongs to Allianz, 7.6% to Infra Investor.

At the time, the American fund Gip had acquired Italo for 2.4 billion

Allianz would also be interested in retaining its stake. In any case, Gianluigi Aponte’s group will have an absolute majority, at least 51%.

The transaction would allow MSC to continue to invest in logistics, and not just for goods

The aim is to network the ever-expanding group’s passenger transport and cruise line.

A sector, that of cruises, which attracts more than 13 million tourists to Italy each year, generating an economic impact of more than 15 billion euros and creating more than 125,000 jobs, direct and indirect.

Italo also wants to develop in France

There are already ambitious development plans for Italo outside Italy: in Spain, France and Germany, along the high-speed backbones designed by the European Union.

MSC could also invest in ITA Airlines

And after the failure of the attempt to acquire Ita, the former Alitalia, the Meloni government would return to Gianluigi Aponte. Lufthansa could not regain control of the airline alone. European antitrust is watching over this recovery.

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