ITA Airways: a first A220, the first A321neo by the end of the year…

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The arrival of the first Airbus A321neo in the ITA Airways fleet is approaching as it received a first A220 last October 31.

Delivery of theA3231neo, intended for medium-haul use, is planned by the end of the year. The first A321neo to enter the ITA Airways fleet has completed its painting operations at the Airbus factory in Hamburg. The aircraft sports the Savoy blue livery and is named after Massimo Rosolino, the Italian Olympic swimmer in Sydney in 2000. The company’s schedule still includes today, as announced a few weeks ago, the start of the A321neo on the flight Rome-Tel Aviv. The plane, in particular, would make the second flight of the day from Fiumicino, AZ812, which takes off from the Roman airport at 4:10 p.m. and lands in Ben Gurion at 8:30 p.m., then leaves Israel at 9:15 a.m. the next morning and lands to Rome at 12 noon (AZ815). However, the continuation of war between Israel and the Hamas remains to be expected. If hostilities have not ceased, the debut of the A321neo will obviously take place on another route. From the spring, with the arrival of other examples, ITA Airways will deploy the aircraft to its new destinations in Middle East and in Africa : from May 2024, it will fly to Riyadhfrom June to Accra (in Ghana) and Kuwait Cityfrom July to Dakarthe Senegalese capital and from October to Jeddah.

The A321neo is characterized by CO2 emissions per seat reduced by 22% and a 50% reduction in noise impact compared to a previous generation aircraft in the same category. It is configured to accommodate 165 passengers in three classes: Business Class (12 seats), Premium Economy (12 seats) and Economy (141 seats, including 12 Comfort Economy).

Furthermore, on October 31, the first A220-100 of ITA took off from Airbus facilities in Canada, flying non-stop between Montreal, Mirabel and Rome, completing the trip in 8 hours and 40 minutes. It made its first commercial flight on November 3 between Milan LinateLondon City Airport. “I am proud of this first ITA Airways Milan Linate – London City flight, operated with the new Airbus A220-100,” said Francesco Presicce, responsible director and chief technology officer of ITA Airways. “Today’s entry into the fleet of the new aircraft is another great step taken by the company, which today has a fleet of 82 planesof which the A220, the A320neo, the A330neo And the A350 new generation. The importance of this result is the result of the contribution and determination put in place by the entire company, which demonstrated passion and courage. We are ready to take on new ambitious challenges, aiming to have a fleet composed of 90% new generation aircraft by the end of the Plan 2023-2027 “.

ITA Airways: a first A220, the first A321neo by the end of the year… 2 Airlines and Destinations
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