Iraqi Airways: A bear cub escapes from its cage in the hold of a Boeing 737

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Last Friday, the ground crew at thedubai international airport discovered a bear cub outside its cage in the hold of a Boeing 737-800 the company Iraqi Airways from Baghdad International Airport

The wild animal was evacuated from the plane with the help of a specialized team dispatched by the Dubai authorities. According to the local press, the cub was ordered by a wealthy Emirati as a pet and was to be delivered to him by plane by Iraqi Airways. A video taken by a ground staff member has been circulating on social media. In the clip, the cub can be seen wandering around the cargo hold of the 737. He even approaches one of the staff members as they pat the animal’s head.

In an apology posted on its Facebook page, Iraqi Airways said: “The administration of the company apologizes to the dear travelers of the flight from Baghdad international airport to Dubai airport…for reasons beyond the control of the company, concerning a shipment in the hold (a bear)“. According to the Iraqi company, the cub was transported in accordance with the International Convention Governing the Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

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