Introduction of the first smart baggage carts at Munich Airport

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At the airport MunichTHE interactive screens of ITS have been attached to the existing hand luggage trolleys. The ITS “click-on” solution is currently unique in the world.

Since October 4, passengers of Munich airport will be able to enjoy a more digital experience before departure. Using a Tablet installed on a hand luggage cart, travelers can manually enter their flight data or scan their boarding card. They will then receive their flight information and associated real-time updates. In addition to their gate, passengers can select facilities such as shops and restaurants. They are then guided through the terminal by a map with an integrated directory and receive offers based on their location. The use of smart luggage carts is free. They can be rented at Terminal 2 after security and before the duty free shops.

Their introduction is part of a six-month pilot project in Terminal 2. This testing phase is being carried out with the Danish development company Intelligent Track Systems (STI). At Munich Airport, ITS interactive screens were attached to existing hand luggage trolleys. The ITS “click-on” solution is currently unique in the world.

“Digitalization doesn’t always have to happen in the background”explains Jan-Henrik Andersson, commercial director at Munich Airport. “These tablets help our customers navigate the terminal while allowing them to always keep an eye on the latest flight information. The project is another element of our premium innovation hub. By connecting the digital and analog world, it will bring real added value to our passengers. »

“Our tablets can direct users to specific stores and also highlight retail activations and activities”indicates Morten Pankoke, CEO of ITS. “These items are often overlooked by passengers when they are in a hurry or stressed. But if they can see the deals on the tablet, as well as how much time they have to get to the gate through wayfinding, they’re more likely to check out certain store deals if they have the time. time. »

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