Indonesia: Important news for international travelers

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Rumors had circulated online that immigration officials had stopped checking vaccination status upon arrival in Indonesia, but it was only this week that the law was changed.

This also means that airlines will not check vaccination status at the point of departure.

Authorities no longer require international travelers to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as of June 14. Indonesian authorities have maintained minimum national and international restrictions against COVID-19 since June 14.

Domestic restrictions

Individuals no longer need to wear a face mask or show proof of vaccination when entering buildings or indoor public places.

International Restrictions Authorities

Passengers do not need to undergo PCR tests, although authorities advise travelers to download theSATUSEHAT app.


Follow all official instructions. Comply with national health and safety measures. Consider delaying your trip if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19, as they may lead to increased surveillance and delays.

Reminder of requirements in Bali

Intrusion into sacred territories: avoid utamaning and madyaning mandalas, holy and sanctified places like puras and pelinggihs, unless you are there for a traditional Balinese ceremony, during which you must wear the appropriate attire and are not on your period ;

Touch the sacred trees;

Engage in behavior that defiles sacred places, temples, idols and religious symbols, such as scaling sacred structures and taking indecent or nude photos;

Discard and pollute lakes, springs, rivers, seas and public spacess;

Use single-use plastics like plastic bags, polystyrene (Styrofoam), and plastic straws;

Uttering offensive words, behaving disrespectfully, cause disturbance and act aggressively towards government authorities, local communities and other tourists, directly and indirectly through social media, including by spreading hate speech and hoaxes;

Engage in work or business activities without proper documentation issued by the competent authorities;

Do not engage in illegal activities, such as trading in illegal goods, including endangered flora and fauna, cultural artifacts and sacred objects, and illegal drugs.

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