IndiGo to test pilot fatigue using smart watches

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Indigothe first Indian airline, has joined forces with the French industrialist Thales to test the fatigue of its pilots using smartwatches (smart watches).

Pilots can volunteer for trials of these smartwatches which integrate a fatigue management tool from Thales, and the data collected will be analyzed anonymously, indicates an internal memo sent to crews this week by Ashim Mittra, head of the department. of flight operations of the Indian airline.

IndiGo will test Thales’ fatigue management tool to assess pilot alertness levels over the coming months. Once the trial is complete, we will collectively evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of the data“, can we read in this obtained by Reuters. The trial will look at specific flight patterns using ground devices at four airports, including Delhi and Mumbai, and the voluntary use of smartwatches and cameras that will detect the level of sleepiness of the crew on each route and in each aircraft.

The move comes days after an IndiGo pilot collapsed and died before his flight, an incident that sparked complaints from some Indian pilots who feel the airlines are putting strain on them, even if service time regulations are respected. The Indian Aviation Authority is currently reviewing pilot fatigue data it has collected through spot checks and airline surveillance to determine whether there is a need to change the flight duty time or fatigue regulations.

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