India has returned to the Moon

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Will India finally become the fourth nation to place a probe on the Moon, after Russia, the United States and China?

Four years after Chandrayaan 2

On July 14, while the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modiwas the guest of honor at the French National Day military parade, theIndia sent in the direction of Moon the probe Chandrayaan 3 (moon ship, in Sanskrit).

The launch took place at 09:05 UTC from the space center of Satish-Dhawanlocated on the barrier island of Sriharikotaon the eastern coast of India.

It comes four years after the lander Vikram failed during its descent to the lunar surface.

See you at the end of August

For the occasion, the Indian Space Agency (isro) implemented its most powerful launcher, the LVM 3 (Launch Vehicle Mark-3), even more powerful than its predecessor, the GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle).

The mission, which weighs 3.9 tons at takeoff, carries a new lander vikram and a rover Pragyansimilar to those of the Chandrayaan 2 mission, but no orbiter this time.

The trip should last 40 days.

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