India: birth of a major low-cost

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We will know the name of the new low-cost airline in a few days. It is the result of a merger between existing companies bought by the powerful Tata group. It will face the huge Indian carrier Indigo which ordered 500 Airbuses last June.

The new low-cost airline will have a fleet of more than 100 aircraft

The current fleet of Air India Express is 56 aircraft, 26 B737s, 2 B737 MAXs, 5 A320 neos and 23 A320s. It is expected to expand by an additional 50 B737 MAX aircraft over the next 15 months.

Air India Express and Aix Connect (formerly Airasia India) prepare for merger

Air India Express and AIX Connect (formerly Airasia India) have announced harmonized employee benefits for both companies ahead of their merger. The new structure streamlines career paths, enabling greater transparency and career progression opportunities for all employees, and is aligned with the structure and grades recently rolled out at Air India, a statement said.

Both airlines strive to attract and retain top talent across all functions.

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