India, a fabulous destination that shows us its many facets

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A certain number of destinations are unfortunately avoided due to conflicts. India may therefore appear to be a fabulous choice. The country has immense potential to become one of the leading tourism hubs in the world. The event organized yesterday, initiated by the boss of Asia Voyages, Guillaume Linton as well as by representatives of the airline Vistara and APG.

His Excellency the Ambassador of India to France

Furthermore, His Excellency the Indian Ambassador to France, Jawed Ashraf, offered his sumptuous premises near the Eiffel Tower as a setting for this presentation. His numerous interventions were informative and captivating. French travelers, unlike others, are fewer this year. However, the destination is incredibly attractive. We can point out that a number of professionals were present at this event, including the president of EDV, Valérie Boned.

Many professionals were present

French travelers are not in the Top 10 in India

While this country conceals many tourist treasures, fewer French tourists traveled to India in 2023.

The first ten countries to discover India are: the United States – Bangladesh – the United Kingdom – Australia – Canada – Sri Lanka – Nepal – Germany – Singapore and Malaysia.

Guillaume Linton – CEO of Asia Voyages

Guillaume Linton: “India is not waiting for us”!

A destination that gets people talking : there was the organization of the G20 in September 2023 – the Cricket World Cup – the country formalized its candidacy for the 2036 Olympic Games –

India is present in Paris with the Namasté Festival which was held in July like every year – let’s not forget the “Bollywood Superstars” exhibition at the Quai Branly museum until January 14.

Massive investments, particularly in aeronautics

Commercial aviation is booming: it is the 3rd largest market in the world after the United States and China.

Air India (with Vistara and Air India Express) and the low-cost airline Indigo now represent more than 750 aircraft. Orders extending until 2040 are of the order of 2,000 new aircraft (notably Airbus)

India already has 146 airports and plans 200 platforms by 2040.

Anantara hotel Jaipur

The hotel industry has moved upmarket

  • The OYO chain (in the Top 10 worldwide) plans to double its hotel offering
  • Accor plans more than 30 new hotels by 2026
  • Anantara opens in Jaipur in late 2023
  • London-based Parkside Hotels & Resorts has revealed plans to further expand its portfolio by signing at least 20 hotels in India by the end of 2024
  • Radisson Hotel Group is continuing its growth and development plan in India with the signing of 11 new hotels across all brands between January and April 2023. These new hotels are present in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ujjain, Raipur, Sonamarg, Manali, Kerala and Visakhapatnam.
  • Marriott to add 100 hotels in India by 2025

We now find all categories of accommodation in India. From luxury hotel to backpacker hostel.

Natural products used in Ayurveda

Here are some factors that contribute to India’s potential as a leading tourism hub:

Cultural diversity : India is known for its rich cultural diversity, with several different religions, languages ​​and traditions. This diversity makes India a unique and fascinating destination for tourists eager to discover new cultures.

Historical monuments : India is home to several historical monuments such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and the Qutub Minar. These monuments have great historical and cultural significance, making them popular tourist attractions.

Adventure tourism : India has a diverse geography, with mountains, beaches and forests, making it an ideal destination for adventure tourism. Activities such as hiking, rafting and skiing are popular among tourists.

Ayurveda and wellness tourism : India is famous for its Ayurvedic treatments and wellness centers. This has led to a rise in wellness tourism, with tourists visiting India to experience the benefits of Ayurveda and yoga.

India can be discovered in several trips

When we think about India, we don’t always know where to start. Generally, most choose Rajasthan. Asia Voyages and other tour operators offer very interesting tours.

numerous festivals in India

However, every region of India is worth a trip.

In the coming days, we will offer you several destinations in this incredible country.

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