Incivility: prison sentence for an American passenger who insulted the crew

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Cayla Farris, a 29-year-old American woman, was sentenced to three and a half months in prison and pour exactly $38,952 in compensation to American Airlines for insulting the cabin crew and causing the flight to be diverted.

The facts date back to February 13, 2022 on an American Airlines flight connecting Phoenix (Arizona) to Honolulu (Hawaii). In a bad mood for personal reasons, the passenger verbally attacked the crew and also other passengers. The captain therefore decided to divert the plane to return to the point of departure at the Phoenix airport. “During the flight, Farris used profanity and threatened the flight crew and passengers on board. Due to their behavior, the flight crew was unable to continue their tasks “, explained the Arizona District Attorney’s Office.

On Tuesday, American justice sentenced the passenger to three and a half months in prison in connection with her actions during the flight, plus a period of three years of supervised probation. In addition, Cayla Farris, who pleaded guilty, will have to obtain a authorization from a judge before taking a flight during his probation period.

In April 2022, another American Airlines passenger was fined a record $81,950 for assaulting a stewardess mid-flight and attempting to open a plane door mid-flight.

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