In Canada, Cabin Crew Members are not paid when they are on the ground

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The national airline Air Canada always force his cabin crew has ” work for free “… when they are on the ground, denounces the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

According to the union, cabin crew (PNC) are not paid when going through security checks, when passengers board or disembark, which would represent an average of 35 unpaid hours each month, because airlines like Air Canada only pay them when the plane is in motion.

This means that tasks essential to the safety and well-being of customers, such as assistance during boarding and disembarkation, as well as pre-flight security checks, are not remunerated. says Wesley Lesosky, President of CUPE’s Air Canada Component. From his point of view, the Canadian national company does not pay its Cabin Crew Members for crucial tasks on the ground, and ” these volunteer hours accumulate with the high demand for post-Covid travel.

In fact, in Canada, the approximately 18,500 Cabin Crew Members working for the ten Canadian airlines, including Air Canada and Air Transat, are paid only for the hours they fly, and not for the work before or after. On departure from the plane, they are paid only when the cabin door closes, and on arrival, the hour on the ground during a stopover is not paid.

The starting salary of a Cabin Attendant at Air Canada Rouge is 26,487 Canadian dollars the first year, ” so low that, even working full time, these people still qualify for federal income supplements like the Canada Workers Benefit “says trade unionist Wesley Lesosky. Today, CUPE wants to change things, by informing public opinion and calling for the authorities to intervene.

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