Iguaçu Falls: more than 300 millimeters of rain in a week…

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A total of 317 millimeters fell last week in Iguazú, a fact that alone explains the reason for the closure of the national park where the falls are located, between Brazil and Argentina. Spring rains are intense, but have intensified in recent years.

For the first time, the park concessionaire decided to close the road due to rising waters. This week it reached a flow rate of 24.2 million liters per second, a record for almost a decade.

After the historic flood, the falls finally reopened last Thursday, but they will remain on alert until next April.
The water body recorded an increase up to 16 times its usual level, due to the rains that have hit the region for the past three months.

Between Sunday and Monday, the flow of water washed away sections of the footbridges leading to Devil’s Gorge. Currently, rehabilitation work on paths and paths is underway.

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