Icelandair: summer traffic supported by North American services

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Icelandair transported 567,000 passengers in July 2023be one 7% increase compared to July 2022, and a record number of passengers transported since July 2019 (590,000 passengers transported).

Of these 567,000 passengers, 543,000 traveled on international flights, 48% of them traveled to Iceland, 11% from Iceland and 41% were connecting passengers in Iceland. The load factor was 86.4% with 16% more capacity than in July 2022. Demand was once again particularly strong on North American services. The punctuality of international flights was 73%, which represents a significant improvement compared to the previous year, but remains below long-term objectives, acknowledged the Icelandic airline.

And 24,000 passengers traveled on domestic flights. Yield was 86% on those flights, a significant 11% year-over-year improvement. The fill rate was around 70%.

Freight carried, measured in freight tonne-kilometres (FTK), was up 63% year-on-year due to higher frequencies and longer flight distances. The increase in the number of tonnes transported was less significant, at 17% year-on-year.

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