Iceland would be the most sought-after destination for women traveling alone

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With an average of 2.74 million monthly searches, Iceland tops the list of most searched destinations for women planning a solo trip in 2023. The dream destination in Northern Europe is perfect for activities outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. Iceland also consistently ranks first in the Global Peace Index.

Italy and Japan in the top 3

Italy, another European travel destination, ranks second in Google’s ranking with 1.90 million average monthly searches. Nowhere in the world are there more UNESCO sites than in Italy. The country also impresses with its world-class cuisine, joie de vivre and the perfect mix of impressive cities and enchanting beaches.

Japan ranks third with an average of 1.83 million monthly searches. The country on Asia’s east coast is home to popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo with its neighboring cities of Nikko and Hakone. Japan is also known for its good transport links, which makes navigating the country exceptionally easy – especially important for those wishing to travel alone.

Emerging hotspot: Spain

Despite taking sixth place in the rankings, Spain can rightly be called an “emerging hotspot for solo female travelers” with a 233% year-on-year increase in searches. As one of the most visited countries in the world, Spain has around 8,000 kilometers of coastline. This, together with up to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, makes Spain an ideal holiday destination for sun worshipers traveling alone.

Accor and SHe Travel Club, experts in women’s travel

Accor has entered into a partnership with the SHe Travel Club to enable women to travel safely. The independent hotel label collects feedback from female travelers and identifies hotels that women perceive as particularly attractive and suitable.

SHe Travel Club experts explain the benefits of solo travel for women: “Travelling alone can have many benefits. You feel strong, independent and your self-confidence is increased.

Moreover, many travelers describe it as a positive experience to adapt to other cultures, situations and people on their own. “Safety should be the top priority when choosing a travel destination. Do your research and read reviews to find safe spots, and don’t hesitate to reach out to other female travelers or locals through forums and online communities. »

More safety thanks to good preparation

When planning and organizing a solo trip, experts recommend:

The 4 pillars: Whichever travel destination you choose, the four pillars of a successful holiday should always be adhered to and these are: safety, comfort, service and food.

  • Exchange : Holidaymakers traveling alone can use specialized blogs and forums to organize themselves and seek contacts with other female travellers. These portals are also great for getting recommendations and insider tips.
  • Plan ahead Travel between cities should be well planned in advance: research local and trusted taxi companies in advance, and download or print public transport timetables and maps to find the ideal mode of transport.
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