IATA protests Mexico flight cap

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L’International Air Transport Association (IATA) urges the mexican government to take alternative measures to its project of flight capping to theinternational airport from Mexico (AICM).

In an attempt to reduce the saturation of the airspace of the Mexican capital, the authorities have decided to once again cap the number of flights from 52 to 43 movements per hour at AICM. Last year, they set out to diversify the airspace around the capital, opening Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) north of Mexico City and returning to the largely forgotten Toluca Airport west of the city. They had already decided to reduce the capacity at AICM from 62 to 50 movements per hour.

At the beginning of the year, the authorities also announced by decree that cargo airlines must stop operating from AICM, and move to AIFA. Despite all these measures, Mexico City’s international airport is still saturated, hence the latest decision to cap at 43 movements per hour.

In a statement, IATA calls on authorities to seek alternative measures to “this unilateral action which, if not withdrawn or modified, will have negative impacts on passengers, flight operations, connectivity, tourism and competitiveness. “It would also place Mexico in non-compliance with its international aviation commitments.”

This government decision does not take into account the interests of consumers, nor does it respect the necessary consultative process with operators and users, especially at the country’s main airport. These measures must be taken with the greatest technical and operational rigor, on the basis of studies and expert analyzes “, adds Peter Cerdá, IATA regional vice president for the Americas.

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