IATA launches Safety Leadership Charter

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L’International Air Transport Association (IATA) announces the launch of the Safety Leadership Charter on the occasion of the IATA Global Safety and Operations Conferencewhich takes place this week in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Safety Leadership Charter aims to strengthen the safety culture of organizations through
commitment to eight fundamental principles of safety leadership. It was developed
in consultation with IATA members and the wider aviation community, in order to
supporting industry leaders in their efforts to develop a safety culture
positive within the aeronautical industry.

Here are some of the Safety Leadership Fundamentals :
-Generate the obligation of safety both through words and actions.
-Promote security awareness among employees, management team and the Board
-Create an atmosphere of trust, in which all employees feel
responsible for security and which encourages them to report relevant information to the
-Guide the integration of security into company strategies, processes and performance measures
the enterprise, and create the internal capacity to manage and achieve the security objectives of
the organization.
-Regularly evaluate and improve the organization’s safety culture.

For more than 100 years, commercial aviation has benefited from advances in safety, which
inspire us to raise the bar ever higher. The commitment and efforts of the leaders of
aviation with a view to continuous improvement have long been a pillar of commercial aviation,
which has made flying the safest means of long-distance transportation. Signing the Charter
is a tribute to the achievements that raise the level of confidence to the highest level
air travelers. And it is a powerful, timely reminder that we cannot
never have a complacent attitude when it comes to safety “, says Nick Careen, vice president
of IATA, responsible for operations, safety and security.

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