IATA: encouraging statistics. In 2022, only 5 fatal accidents for 32 M flights in the world

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There were only five fatal accidents in global air transport in 2022. A comforting figure confirmed by Iata in its 2022 World Aviation Safety Report, especially considering that the flights carried out the last year exceeded 32 million.

The number of accidents resulting in the death of passengers and crew in 2022 increased from seven in 2021, also resulting in an improvement from the five-year average (2018-2022), which was also seven. The average rate of Fatal accidents thus rose to 0.16 per million connections in 2022, compared to 0.27 per million recorded in 2021.

The all injury rate was 1.21 per million, down from 1.26 per million in the 2018-2022 five-year period, but up from 1.13 per million in 2021.

In 2022, the number of victims, which increased to 158 against 121 in 2021, was mainly generated by an accident in China which caused the death of 132 people. The company affected by the accident was not an Iata member but was on Iata’s operations safety audit lists.

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