IAG is looking for innovators to help propel the aviation industry forward

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International Airlines Group (AGI) launched the seventh year of its Hangar 51 Innovation Program, designed to find the innovative companies that can help airlines and IAG companies solve business challenges.

THE start-ups and the scale-ups from around the world are invited to apply to join the program where they can test their technology under operational conditions. Hangar 51 goes beyond a traditional accelerator and offers companies weeks of co-working in-depth alongside experts from across the Group. For 12 weeks, companies will design and execute proof of value to assess the potential of their solutions.

Through the program Shed 51the selected companies will:

  1. Work with airlines or operating companies over 12 weeks, with the possibility of a commercial contract if successful;
  2. Acquire in-depth knowledge of flight operations and develop their understanding of the needs and preferences of aviation customers;
  3. Benefit from presentations across the group and the industry at large.

“At IAG, we are passionate about working with companies that have the potential to transform the way we travel”comments Nisha Basson-Mugnier, director of innovation at IAG. “As one of the largest airline groups in the world, start-ups can benefit from our scale and will have the opportunity to implement their solutions. Since launching the Hangar 51 Accelerator in 2016, we have partnered with over 75 Accelerator participants, and we are excited to continue our unique approach. »

Through the Hangar 51 Accelerator, IAG seeks start-ups and scale-ups that can partner on strategic priority areas such as transformation and sustainability. These will include solutions to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, introduce new products and services, and help decarbonize aviation. IAG is also looking for emerging technologies that could fundamentally disrupt and change the way people and goods move in the future.

Startups and scale-ups interested in working with IAG can visit the new Hangar 51 website to express their interest and how they think the accelerator could help test, implement and commercialize their technology.

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