How much will the entrance tax to Venice cost?

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From spring 2024, Venice will experiment with a tax imposed on tourists passing through its historic center. But how much will it cost? We must hope that this time, the local authorities will come to an agreement.

Fight against mass tourism?

This daily tax would be intended to curb mass tourism for tourists who wish to visit the historic center. The system should be put in place in spring 2024. This is very good. But that won’t stop the cruise tourists who continue to flock. A tax will only be dissuasive if the amount is discouraging. A measure which has been postponed several times (since 2021).

A very modest tax

According to the authorities, the tax would be 5 euros per person. In our opinion, the amount is not high enough to reduce the flow of tourists and even less passing cruise passengers. For the moment, this system will simply be tested, over a period of thirty days, “mainly during the May holidays and summer weekends when tourism is at its peak”, according to the municipal council.

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A diversified application

Local authorities have determined several conditions for imposing this tax. Initially, it will be applied to all visitors over 14 years old. Tourists residing in a hotel in the city will be exempt since they are already subject to a tourist tax.

Visitors participating in cultural and sporting events, as well as people with reduced mobility, will also be spared.

A website to buy your entry?

In order to ensure the proper application of this measure, the city will also set up a website on which it will be possible to reserve entry.

The City of the Doges will also install turnstiles at the various entry points to the lagoon in order to control the arrival of visitors.

A tax for fraudsters

In the event of non-compliance with this entry tax, the municipal council has already established fines, which could range from 50 to 300 euros. However, the scope of the system has not yet been defined.

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Addressing behavior

The city would also like visitors to better respect the place. Walking around topless or consuming food in front of historic monuments could be punishable by a fine. The opening of new fast food restaurants is now prohibited. So many measures aimed at preventing Venice from being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage list which it integrated in 1987. In 2021, the City of the Doges escaped at the last minute its inclusion on the World Heritage list in Danger. But for how much longer?

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