Hotelplan: good overall results, reservations exploded on Interhome

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The Hotelplan Group ended its financial year on a pleasing note. All business units have seen a huge need for travel catch-up from their customers after two years of the pandemic. The Swiss tour operator generated a turnover of CHF 1,434.9 million, an increase of 122.5% compared to the previous year.

Customers needed to travel

The beginning of the 2021/2022 financial year (from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022) of Hotelplan Group was still impacted by the health situation. But between mid-February and the end of October, there was a considerable need to catch up and the enthusiasm of the customers was at the height, both for tourist trips and business trips. The tour operator thus generated sales of CHF 1,434.9 million (previous year: CHF 644.8 million). This equates to an increase of 122.5% compared to the previous year and 20.8% compared to 2019. “I am very pleased to see that all business units have returned to profitability after these last marked years by the pandemic. A result made possible only by the excellent work provided by all the staff,” says Laura Meyer, CEO Hotelplan Group.

Business units at a glance

After a slow start to the 2021/22 financial year, reservations at Hotelplan Suisse exploded from the spring. Online sales as well as advice and sales in the 82 branches in Switzerland have had enormous success with customers. This factor, combined with the repositioning during the summer of the two brands specializing in individual travel travelhouse and tourism for all, contributed to a significant increase in turnover. Hotelplan Switzerland generated sales of CHF 158.2 million (previous year: CHF 45 million).

Brand Hotelplan – Migros Holidays – vtours

Last year, the greatest need for catch-up was seen in the beach holiday and intercity travel sector. Customers particularly favored seaside stays around the Mediterranean. In this line, the Volume Tour Operating which brings together the brands Hotelplan, Migros holidays and vtoursended the 2021/22 financial year on a high note, with sales of CHF 703.1 million (previous year: CHF 314.8 million).

Hotelplan UK experienced a first post-pandemic year where its customers were able to travel again without major restrictions. During the winter months as well as the summer, the customers of Hotelplan UK have rediscovered the taste for holidays. The strategic decision to focus on premium travel paid off and Hotelplan UK ended the year with revenue of GBP 150.9 million (prior year: GBP 5.5 million).

Interhome vacation rental has broken records

The best turnover of its 57 years of existence was recorded by Interhome Group. A record number of people have chosen to rent an apartment or a holiday home. A boom that resulted in sales of CHF 371 million (previous year: CHF 275 million). This excellent figure can be explained in particular by the fact that the holiday rental company has increased the number of self-managed accommodations and that of its local partners, who manage the keys, maintenance and cleaning of apartments and vacation.

Business travel is gradually returning

Business travel specialists Finass and bta first travel are gradually returning to normality, although the pace is not as fast as that of other business units. Despite everything, the two business tour operators managed to convince a significant number of new customers. Thanks to this new inflow and an upturn in business travel demand, bta first travel generated CHF 7.5 million (previous year: CHF 2.4 million). Finass Reisen closed the financial year at CHF 5.6 million (previous year: CHF 2.5 million).

Continuation of sustainable commitments

In fiscal year 2020/21, Hotelplan Group has developed a vision to become the preferred tour operator in target markets through exceptional customer experience and a commitment to sustainability. Some milestones have been reached in recent months: Hotelplan Group has in fact joined the Futouris association in 2022, which is mobilizing in favor of a long-lasting and sustainable tourism sector. In addition, the group is one of the founding members of the KlimaLink association. This aims to provide the tourism sector with standardized emission calculation standards. What’s more, the business units of the Hotelplan Group have implemented various sustainable projects: at Explore, Hotelplan UK’s soft adventure specialist, the carbon footprint of each trip is automatically displayed on the booking transparently. At Interhome Group, the CO2 emissions generated by holiday accommodation can be offset as an option since January 2022, during the booking process. Since last year, Hotelplan Suisse has been offering package travel by train through the Vacances Migros brand. At Finass Reisen and some Hotelplan branches, you can opt for sustainable aviation fuel (CDA) and thus reduce the impact of (business) air travel on the climate. “ör our corporate responsibility. Because our personnel are our foundation and we must take care of them,” adds Laura Meyer.

Laura Meyer – CEO

Expected positive development Despite the most volatile global economic conditions, the outlook for the current year is optimistic. The Hotelplan group is satisfied with the current level of reservations, even if the latter has not yet reached its 2019 level for the same period. This is partly due to the fact that holiday bookings are still often made at the last minute. “We are on the right track and, to date, expect an increase in our turnover compared to the previous financial year. Not only because we apply our strategy consistently, but also because we are constantly improving the customer experience,” explains Laura Meyer.

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