Hospitality: customer loyalty remains vital

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The ALL program (Accor Live Limitless) reinforces its portfolio of subscription cards with its offers for frequent travelers. ALL PLUS will provide customers with travel passes that best suit their global and local travel needs.

Adapt to changing travel habits

More and more hotel brands are turning to subscription-based models to build customer loyalty. Frequent customers want to take advantage of their trip to feel unique and valued.

Accor strives to be as close as possible to customers, with the aim of meeting their expectations, adapting to a mix of global and local travel and anticipating changing needs and desires. According to the Skift report, the boundary between work and leisure is blurring. They are often just as eager as travelers around the world to take advantage of the experiences offered by a program like ALL.

All Plus Travelers and All Plus Ibis

To be relevant and bring real added value, subscription cards are an opportunity for loyalty programs but must adapt to changing travel habits and customer behavior. For travelers who travel more frequently and for longer, Accor has launched the Business PLUS and ibis Business cards, which are now being reinvented in ALL PLUS Traveler And ALL PLUS ibis to enhance their added value and better meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

ALL PLUS, a key value lever

ALL PLUS Traveler and ALL PLUS ibis membership cards are tailored to the most valuable customers and offer two value boosters: greater discounts and a status booster. In addition to earning Reward Points, customers also benefit from the best fixed discount available throughout the year and earn Status Points allowing them to move up the Status ladder and into elite status. . Since both cards are fully part of ALL, all points earned are accumulated in their ALL account and allow members to benefit from ALL’s rich value proposition.

A virtuous circle

Ultimately, these subscription cards create a virtuous circle for both customers and hotels: the more they spend in the ALL ecosystem, the more points, statuses, discounts and exclusive benefits they earn to enjoy more unlimited experiences. . At the same time, hotels then have more loyal and engaged guests who generate more revenue and provide more knowledge and opportunities to build stronger relationships.

Meeting local needs and expectations with ALL PLUS regional maps

In addition to the ALL PLUS Voyageur and ALL PLUS ibis cards, in order to enrich the customer experience, to continue to provide real added value and to build lasting loyalty, the portfolio of ALL subscription cards is growing, as well as the needs and the expectations of its customers, with adapted regional menus. ALL PLUS products aligned with the specifics of the market.

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