Hong Kong: typhoon disrupts air transport

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Cathay Pacific Airways plans to suspend flights from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning in Hong Kong as Super Typhoon Saola approaches the Asian financial hub.

Saola could become the strongest typhoon to hit Hong Kong since Mangkhut struck the city five years ago. The previous storm caused the evacuation of more than 69,000 people in the Philippines and led to the cancellation of more than a dozen flights in Taiwan.

The local weather agency said it would raise the storm signal to No. 3, the second lowest level, by 5 p.m. Thursday and may raise the alert one level on Friday to No. 8 – the threshold at which schools close and most audiences close.

The airline expects significant disruptions at Hong Kong International Airport due to the storm and is working to keep planes out of the city for a while, according to information seen by Bloomberg.

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