Hong Kong: Masks no longer needed except in hospitals

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After three years of the pandemic, Hong Kong is lifting one of the toughest mask regulations in the world. As the government of the “Chinese special administrative region” announced, a mask will only have to be worn in certain establishments such as hospitals from Wednesday. In addition, the “Gay Games” which will take place in November have been confirmed by officials.

Hefty fines

Hong Kong authorities had strictly enforced mask requirements during the pandemic. Anyone caught on the streets or in public buildings without mouth and nose protection would face a fine of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 600 euros).

Hong Kong has been as firm as mainland China

At times, Hong Kong has pursued a very strict zero corona policy. Incoming travelers were required to spend up to 21 days in hotel quarantine. The city has now reopened and is largely back to normal.

The Gay Games should take place next November

Gay Games organizers have expressed confidence that more people will register for the event now that Hong Kong has lifted its Covid-related travel restrictions, and revealed they have secured 90% of venues ahead of sports competitions in November.

From Sydney, where the WorldPride festival is held, Lisa Lam Mun-wai, co-president of the 2023 Games, indicated that the Gay Games will be co-organized by Hong Kong and the Mexican city of Guadalajara. She said she was there to drum and generate interest in the event with other organizers participating in the Mardi Gras parade.

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