Holidays: faced with inflation, the French go “less far, shorter time”

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This summer, the French went on vacation shorter time and towards cheaper destinationsaccording to a study by MKG consulting firm.

Faced with inflation and soaring prices, especially in the hotel industry, the French leave for less time and favor less frequented destinations and alternative accommodation, according to a study. A “declining purchasing power», a desire of many French people to «travel local and/or cheaper“, but also the fear of high heat and overtourism, have “tended to change the usual holiday patterns“, notes MKG in a summer report.

In order to “protect against price increases“, holidaymakers have”adjusted their behavior“: some left “shorter, for example two weeks instead of three“, others taking up”their early booking habits» and no longer book at the last moment as during the health crisis.

Some French people have favored the mountains and rural areas for their “good value for money” And “the promise to avoid the heat wave or other heat peaks“. Hotel turnover increased compared to summer 2022, in the Northern Alps (+ 13.2%), the Pyrenees (+ 7%) and in the middle mountains: Jura, Vosges, Massif Central (+ 7.7%).

Conversely, the coast and Corsica “usually very attractive», saw the occupancy rate of their hotels decline compared to last year by 3.5 points and 6.5 points respectively. On the Isle of Beauty,the decline in French purchasing power and the explosion of alternative housing, furnished accommodation and second homes” in particular, explain this drop in hotel attendance.

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