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Change of logo, modernized graphic charter, development of new destinations… The start of the 2023 school year marks major changes at Héliades with the overhaul of its identity to offer an image that is more in tune with the times and conveys new emotions.

Héliades reinvents himself to position himself as an inspiring actor

For Heliades, a new page opens with the renewal of its identity and its logo: the blue color, associated with dreams and travel, and of course Greece, is still present but in a more refined and daring approach. This visual identity will be available in different colors to confirm its positioning in other inspiring destinations.

The new logo is inspired by mataki, the famous “blue eye”. This symbol, very common in Greece, which can be found hung on the walls of shops and homes, in cars or worn as jewelry, protects the wearer or the place where he is from “kako mati”, the evil eye.

This symbol is focused on kindness, which is also found in the DNA of Héliades, with renovated premises, a desire to bring together and further involve the teams and future collaborators who will join the Héliades adventure.

All Héliades materials will be completely revised, starting with the Evasions 2024 brochure, which will be available very soon in agencies. The latter transcribes this new image well with a new, more creative and more inspiring trend.

New identity of Héliades

The evolution of the Héliades brand

Denise Abassi, new deputy director since the start of the year, worked in collaboration with the marketing team on this rebranding to be more in tune with the times. Three creative choices were taken: boldness, inspiration and simplicity.

This change corresponds to a desire to rejuvenate the image of the tour operator: “we have made a 360° turn and we wish to convey through this modernization the new DNA of Héliades which places human capital and emotions at the center of his concerns. »

She adds that even if “Greece remains our favorite destination for almost 50 years, we wish to continue to introduce other countries by confirming our position as an expert on the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cape Verde, Madeira and even Portugal.

You can now see the brochure… in green HERE

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