Heathrow: CEO resigns

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By the end of the year, John Holland-Kaye, CEO of London’s largest airport, Heathrow, will step down after more than 9 years of service.

Holland-Kaye’s farewell follows by a few months that of Dick Benschop (CEO of Amsterdam Schiphol, see our article: https://mistertravel.news/2022/09/15/exit-le-patron-de-schiphol-le -chaos-de-lete-lui-a-coute-le-poste/) which paid the price for poor management in spring-summer 2022 when the chaos of flights, the shortage of staff and the lack of timetables overwhelmed the northern European hubs.

The announcement of Holland-Kaye’s resignation was not directly linked to the flight chaos which also involved Heathrow last summer, but many British newspapers nevertheless highlighted the manager’s role in past events, notably recalling the clash with Emirates over airport-imposed flight cap -tickets/) , which the UAE company officially disputed.

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