Hand luggage on planes: towards the end of abuse

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A resolution by MEPs calls for consistent rules on the sizing and pricing of airline hand luggage. Current practices generate abuse in terms of tariff supplements.

Hand luggage on the plane: a price jungle

A practice introduced by low-cost airlines to compensate for plane tickets sold at extremely low prices, the supplement for hand luggage on planes has become over the years a veritable fare jungle with the addition of sizing or sizing policies. the weight of baggage which varies from one carrier to another. A surreal situation which has even pushed luggage manufacturers to offer bags in the appropriate size to avoid or reduce the extra charge. Bags which are even called “ryanair bag” and “easyjet bag”.

A resolution to put an end to the ambient circus

The resolution voted by MEPs aims to put an end to the current circus, especially since the European Commission has just launched a consultation with a view to revising the regulations on air services. “The different airline rules on hand luggage lead to hidden costs and make it more difficult to compare prices,” say MEPs. “Furthermore, when passengers fly different airlines or have to change their plans, inconsistent rules create confusion” and ever-increasing surcharges.

A court ruling that everyone pretends to have forgotten

The end of current practices is all the more justified as the European Court of Justice has already ruled on the subject and to the detriment of the Spanish airline concerned. The Court concluded that airlines were not to charge extra for carry-on baggage “provided that such carry-on baggage meets reasonable requirements in terms of weight and dimensions and complies with applicable security requirements”. A judgment which dates from 2014 and which everyone pretends to have forgotten: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/FR/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:62012CJ0487. The subject of supplements linked to the allocation of seats will also remain to be addressed. And there it’s everyone, low cost or not low cost.

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