Hamas destroys Israeli CH-53 helicopter

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On the first day of the offensive, Hamas managed to destroy an Israeli CH-53 Yasur heavy transport helicopter. Due to its low strategic depth, the Israeli CH-53s are extremely important for the Israeli Armed Forces: in a few rotations, they can transport numerous soldiers and their equipment not far from the fighting.

A Ch-53 destroyed

On October 7, Israel suffered the biggest terrorist attack in its history, with nearly 1,400 killed, 3,400 injured and 200 people kidnapped and taken hostage in the Gaza Strip (summary of facts). During this day, the Israeli Armed Forces were mobilized to regain control of Israeli territory. This is how a CH-53 Yasur heavy transport helicopter (CH-53D modified for Israel) transported a dozen members of the Israeli airborne forces. However, during its flight, the helicopter was reportedly forced to land and was then hit by an anti-tank missile fired from one of the Hamas operatives, causing a fire and the total loss of the helicopter.

Images published on social networks this October 13 confirm the total loss of the helicopter: the tail and the main rotor confirm that it is indeed a Yasur… or at least what remains of it. Information is still highly contradictory on the exact course of events, but the paratroopers and crew members were able to evacuate the helicopter safely.

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