Hamas attack: Air France, Transavia and others cancel flights, disarray at Israeli airports

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Southern and central airports from Israel asked their closing due to rocket attacks from Gaza by the Hamascausing dismay and a high level of alert among the staff and passengers of theBen Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Air France, Transavia and multiple other airlines cancel flights to Israel.

Like many other air carriers (Emirates, LOT, Ryanair, Aegan Airlines, American companies, Air India…), Air France and Transavia cancel numerous flights after the armed wing of Hamas carried out the deadly attack in the southern Israel Saturday morning. The latest report showed 200 Israelis dead and at least 232 Palestinians killed during Israel’s retaliatory attacks in the Gaza Strip. DDozens of Israeli hostages have also been identified in what appears to be a major escalation of violence in the region.

Transaviaa low-cost subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group, announced that it will cancel all its flights to and from Tel Aviv until at least Monday inclusive, specifying that it is closely monitoring the evolution of the security situation in Israel, following the outbreak of Hamas’ unprecedented military offensive. Planned at the start of Paris-Orlya flight, which was due to arrive after midnight in Tel Aviv, was canceled in order to avoid staff sleeping on site given the “the security situation”, a spokesperson told AFP. Transavia also offers “for any travel planned between October 7 and 9 on a flight to or from Israel” a report “free of charge” on another flight until October 15, or obtaining a “voucher equivalent to the value of the ticket”. For his part, Air France announced to suspend until further notice » her serving Tel Aviv. She recalls that “his top priority” is the safety of passengers and crew.

Airports in southern and central Israel are in a state of disarray, with Israeli airport authorities requesting their closure due to some “5,000 rockets” fired and claimed by Hamas from Gaza towards Israel. However, they had not canceled commercial flights from Ben-Gurion, at the time of writing, nor atRamon airportclose from Eilatthe country’s second international airport.

United Airlineswhich diverted its flight to Tel Aviv to SanFrancisco yesterday, like many other companies (Lufthansa canceled three of its flights from Frankfurt or Munich, etc.) had to modify their schedule at the last minute. As the facts are updated, theairspace of southern Israel could be considered ” forbidden “, as several flights avoid the area. The Israeli cabinet is due to meet at 1:00 p.m. this Sunday local time to discuss new measures.

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