Halloween destination: some bewitching travel ideas!

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On this special day, do you want to travel to a destination that, due to its characteristics, evokes mystery, the paranormal or even terror? Follow the leader:

Pluckley has the reputation of being the most haunted village in Britain and is accredited by the Guinness Book of World Records. There are believed to be at least twelve ghostly inhabitants. Among them, the ghost of a gypsy woman drowned in a stream, the hanged body of a teacher and a lady who haunts the Saint-Nicolas cemetery.

Roslin, Scotland, is home to the 500-year-old Rosslyn Chapel, haunted by various spooky spirits and artifacts. There are rumors that the chapel’s original crypt, sealed for years, houses the Holy Grail and the mummified head of Jesus Christ. There are stories of many spirits haunting the chapel and its surroundings, such as a knight on horseback and a mysterious lady in white.

The village of Tintern, Wales, is home to the ancient St. Mary’s Church, which is said to be haunted by monks and dark figures frequently seen in the cemetery. There is also evidence of satanic rituals in the church ruins, and locals say they are kept away by a dark looming presence.

  1. Triora, in the Ligurian Alps of Italy has a dark history of witch trials that involved hundreds of people and resulted in the deaths of many women. More than 300 women were accused and interrogated as witches, and approximately 50 were tortured and murdered. The trials accused them of crimes such as having relations with the devil, making poisonous potions and transforming into cats.

The abandoned rural village of Ocate, northern Spain, is the subject of numerous reports of ghostly sightings, believed to be the result of three epidemics that have claimed the lives of villagers. From mysterious lights to strange voices of women and children telling explorers to “go away,” the city now has a reputation for being cursed.

Located in the heart of Transylvania, the Romanian town of Bran is famous for being home to Dracula’s Castle, also known as Bran Castle. Many believe that the icy castle, with its secret passages and surviving medieval instruments of torture, harbors evil. Myths say that Dracula, the most famous vampire, used the castle as a lair to feed on the blood of innocents whose spirits still haunt the castle.

Finally, the village of Skrinjari, in Croatia, has a history of death, murder and hauntings, but it is best known for the abandoned Skrinjari House. The house is said to be cursed because it was built over a cemetery, waking the dead from their eternal slumber. Residents report a feeling of unease around the house and even say that road accidents are frequent there.

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