HalalBooking continues to grow in 2022

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Today, the company announces its 2022 financial results with a new sales record of $52 million for the year ending December 31, 2022. Comparing in USD, this is growth 45% of sales compared to the previous year.

Progress despite all the vagaries

This result exceeded the $50 million target for the year and was achieved despite new post-Covid challenges and pressures on consumer purchasing power. While the company reports its results in US dollars due to the international nature of its business, most of its sales are in Euros and British Pounds. Without the unusual strengthening of the US dollar throughout 2022, earnings in USD would have been close to $60 million at a growth rate of 62%. This is indeed the annual growth rate against the pound sterling and the euro and which is also reflected in the 64% increase in the number of bookings.

A large number of members

Despite the uncertainty of the macro-economic environment, HalalBooking implemented its aggressive growth plan undeterred and delivered a strong financial performance setting a new record. In 2022, more than 133,000 customers from 106 countries traveled to 71 different countries and spent 830,000 nights in rooms booked through HalalBooking. The 3-tier HB Loyalty Club has grown significantly in popularity and doubled its membership to over 700,000 members, partly reflecting the company’s increased marketing spend on lead generation campaigns through marketing partnerships with international brands such as Turkish Airlines and Mastercard as well as other marketing activities.

Offers in 88 countries

At the same time, the portfolio of properties has grown from 172,000 to more than 433,000 properties in 88 countries through the expansion of API partnerships with intermediary providers, such as Expedia, offering more choices in more destinations. . Additionally, hundreds of technology projects were implemented to improve the website’s usability and consumer offerings to drive greater engagement with travelers. New features and special rates for travel agency partners have helped expand the company’s B2B affiliate agency network to more than 2,500 partners worldwide and increase contribution from the B2B segment. In the fourth quarter, HalalBooking signed an API partnership with Agoda, which will be added as another intermediary provider in early 2023.

New integrations are planned to expand the choice

The company plans to invest the profits generated in 2022 in technology development, new OTA integrations, new marketing partnerships and the hiring of high-level candidates to enable it to continue its success story and achieve its goal. sales of $100 million in 2023 as well as to increase market and destination diversification. With the strong Q4 results, showing a 90% growth rate and the level of bookings in January so far, which are currently showing a 100% increase compared to the same period in January 2022, all indicators are on point. green for the company to achieve its new objectives.

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