Hackers attack Eurocontrol

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Computer attacks against European companies and organizations have increased since the war in Ukraine. The attacks apparently come from pro-Russian groups. Most recent target: Eurocontrol. The security measures of European air traffic control have largely taken effect.

Eurocontrol is the target of cyber-attackers. “The website has been targeted by pro-Russian hackers since April 19,” Eurocontrol confirmed.

The attack sometimes limited access to the Network Operations Portal (NOP). Airlines should therefore transmit flight plans to Eurocontrol via other interfaces.

According to a report by the “Wall Street Journal”, the internal communication of the approximately 2,000 employees was temporarily impaired.

Overall, however, the security measures proved solid: Eurocontrol protected air traffic control systems from networks that were easier to attack.

Eurocontrol has 41 Member States. The organization is responsible for the upper airspace in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and coordinates air traffic control measures in Europe.

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