GVQ Canada: the leading DMC looks to the future

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Canada continues to make French people dream, and GVQ Canada, the oldest Canadian DMC to welcome French people to Canada, is organizing to support the sales force in France and Belgium. After a challenging period for the entire industry, GVQ Canada believes in group travel and is strengthening its teams.

Sophie Gautherot

Sophie Gautherot at the helm since 2022

To actively participate in the recovery and establish itself over the long term, GVQ Canada, the leading DMC in Canada since 1979, has decided to communicate more in France and to get ever closer to players linked to Canada. Sophie Gautherot, a leading specialist in Canada and a tourism professional for more than 20 years, took over the management of GVQ Canada in 2022 to relaunch the activity and bring its expertise. Originally from France, she fell in love with Quebec and settled there permanently. Sophie has worked with Canadian providers for years and brings her infectious energy to the entire team.

Emmanuelle Winter

Emmanuelle Winter: formidable efficiency

In France, Emmanuelle Winter in charge of the PR and Trade division at Travel-Insight, continues to represent GVQ Canada in Europe and …

… was joined by Taïna Fagard (above) who is very well known to agencies to strengthen commercial development as close as possible to them, tour operators and group operators. The team is particularly active at the start of 2023 to support sellers and promote Canada’s must-haves in GIR and groups, large and small.

2022: year of recovery

With the opening of Canada a little late, we had to be reactive and ready for the 2022 season. Autumn and its famous “Indian summer” was a challenge for everyone, with a very large number of postponements and new groups, and due to lack of availability sometimes on certain cities and hotels. GVQ Canada has never stopped working with providers, even during the pandemic, selling Canada to Canadians, and Quebec to Quebecers. A force which continued to generate figures and made it possible to position itself as soon as the recovery took place.

Last-minute reservations were numerous, a new behavior that had to be taken into account in the management of files.

2023: Canadian year

The resumption of group travel is palpable and confirmed over time. GIR travel requests have been launched for 2023 and GVQ Canada is offering nearly 20 guaranteed departures in the East and West this year. Efforts are made to simplify processes, allow sales to be made later, and share all the selling points necessary for sellers. Training and advice are at the heart of our business, especially in the face of the significant turnover of salespeople who have joined post-covid agencies.

The Essential of the East…. Canadian !

The best-selling GIRs: “L’Essentiel de l’Est”, a trip to Eastern Canada for a first discovery of Canada, or “Les Splendeurs de l’Ouest” to discover the wide open spaces of the West canadian. For lovers of nature and outdoor activities, “Quebec in the great outdoors” allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Quebec forest.

Privileged agreements with Air Canada make it possible to offer solutions with flights, with the aim of offering a turnkey product, the best value for money and advantages exclusive to GVQ.

As a reminder, Air Canada is organizing a workshop in Toulouse on Monday February 6, 2023.

A webinar

A webinar is offered by GVQ Canada on Tuesday, February 7 at 2 p.m. – Registration HERE

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