Guyana: Guyane Fly, Van Air and Jet Airways will replace Air Guyane

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There local authority of Guyana (CTG) yesterday selected a trio of operators to resume the domestic connections in the landlocked department which were no longer provided regularly since the liquidation of Air Guyane.

As part of the emergency public service delegation for Guyana, territorial advisors had to choose between two offers, that of the trio formed by Guyane Fly, Van Air Europe and Jet Airways, and that of the airline Chalair. They voted unanimously on Thursday for the proposal from the trio of operators to ensure an emergency public service delegation for seven months in order to compensate for the liquidation of Air Guyane.

The trio’s offer includes the provision of three planes and promises to take over more than 40 of the former employees (out of a total of 78) of the former Air Guyane. Chalair’s competing proposal, which was not accepted, only proposed the takeover of 20 to 27 of the ex-employees. “We have introduced a social integration clause into the contract for former employees», Explained Grégoire Michau, the general director of CTG services.

Guyane Fly should take care of the social aspect with employees, Van Air Europe should provide three planes and Jet Airways will take care of communication and sales. The three partners put 7.7 million euros on the table and ensure they are offering an offer as it was with Air Guyane. They must still obtain missing approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) to be able to start the contract on December 4.

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