Greece: minister resigns following crime committed on ferry

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Greek Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis has resigned after facing backlash over his comments on an incident involving the drowning of a ferry passenger in the port of Piraeus last week.

We had already discussed this drama

As government representative Pavlos Marinakis announced, the post of Miltiadis Varvitsiotis was taken over by Christos Stylianides.

Miltadis Varvitsiotis announced his resignation on Twitter, following the murder of 36-year-old Antonis Karyotis, who was pushed into the sea by members of the crew of the ship Blue Horizon, just as it was about leave for Crete. We discussed this drama in Airlines and Destinations. The captain, first officer, second officer and boatswain of the Blue Horizon were subsequently arrested.

Antonis Varvitsiotis

Former maritime transport minister sparks outrage

His televised comments the day after the incident appeared to express sympathy for the crew members who pushed the man.

Varvitsiotis said his comments were misinterpreted.

“I have become the target of an attack that is becoming more and more toxic,” he said in his resignation message on Twitter.

“One of my statements, which was misinterpreted, caused outrage. I immediately and sincerely apologized. I in no way equated the victim with the perpetrators. I have in no way erased the responsibilities incumbent on the shipowner and which he still refuses to assume.”

The crime committed by sailors from the Blue Horizon

The captain and co-pilot of the Blue Horizon taken into police custody

Meanwhile, the captain and first officer of the ferry Blue Horizon are to be remanded in custody over Karyotis’ death. An investigator and a prosecutor disagreed on the pretrial detention of the second officer and the boatswain and so they were released. According to reports, the final decision will be made by judicial authorities.

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