Greece: ferry strike following murder

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Ferry crews in Greece announced a 24-hour strike on September 13, following a tragic incident this week at the country’s main port, Piraeus. A disabled passenger has died after an altercation with a ferry crew member led to him falling into the sea.

A shameful murder

The death of a ferry passenger, Antonis Kariotis, who was pushed into the water by crew members at the port of Piraeus, caused widespread shock and outrage. Thousands gathered for rallies in Crete, demanding justice and condemning the crew and Attica Group, the ship’s owner

The traveler pushed back from the access ramp

A viral video circulating on social media showed Antonis Kariotis attempting to board the ferry as the loading ramp was lowered. The crew members forcibly prevented him and repeatedly pushed him back. As a result, it fell overboard. Although passengers alerted the crew that a man was in the water, the ferry set sail as planned. Authorities then ordered the ferry back to Piraeus and Kariotis’ lifeless body was found.

The sailors will face justice

The ferry’s captain and three crew members now face homicide charges. One member of the crew is charged with manslaughter, possibly with malice, while the other two are charged with complicity in manslaughter. The captain faces charges of dangerous obstruction of marine traffic, a felony.

This fact aroused anger and general condemnation in Greece

Although the Greek Seafarers’ Federation did not directly link the strike to the tragedy, it expressed deep concerns about safety and working conditions within the sector. In a statement, the union lamented the alleged poor application of maritime and port security regulations, pointing to the fact that crew members are often overworked. Ferry schedules are also often “unreasonable”.

Sailors don’t want the entire profession to be blamed

Federation members pointed out that Greek sailors are known for their exemplary seamanship. Furthermore, they described as “unacceptable” that “all Greek sailors are accused and targeted for arrest in connection with this tragic event”.

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